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"In My Horse I See My Reflection"

At Equine Reflections we believe every horse and every human has great value. Because each is important to God, each is important to us! Our job is to help them find their true identity, their value and to help them grow to be the best they can be in what it is that will make them soar. Whether you aspire to be a top competitor in dressage, show jumping or eventing, or whether you wish to learn more about horses, enjoy the farm life and discover true freedom we are here to help you reach your goals.

Our Equine Assisted Therapy is a ministry of discovery and ultimately healing. With the assistance of the horses we embark together on a journey to discover your true identity, who God made you to be and how He desires for you to live the abundant life here and now. This therapy is available for those wanting to overcome obstacles in their lives and for those wishing to simply learn more about themselves as well as those wanting to grow stronger in their relationships with others and The Lord that they might truly "Walk in Freedom".

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 In all my years of training horses I have come to realize that I was the one being trained. Though I have been blessed to be trained by some of the best horsemen in the world, the horse and The Lord have been my ultimate teachers. They have both trained me with unfailing honesty, consistency and love.  They have changed me and shaped me in a way no other could. My greatest hope is to pass on to others the tools that have been passed on to me in hopes that they will help them to cultivate a relationship capable of changing a life.