Equine Assisted Therapy

Horses are great reflectors!! They reflect back to us what is hidden within us. Most often we do not even know what is hidden or what we might be carrying around that is weighing us down. In our Equine Assisted Therapy the horses help us to become authentic and honest with ourselves and with them. Horses are always honest. They never lie about who they are or how they are feeling, but we as humans, due to many factors, have learned to hide behind a mask. We have become so good at it that we often have no idea who we really are or how we are really feel. Truth be told, and the horses will tell it, relationship, good, healthy relationship, is impossible when you hide behind a mask. 

God did not design us to live this way. He designed us to be in perfect, unashamed relationship with Him. We were designed to "Walk in Freedom with Him and to live The Abundant Life." At Equine Reflections the Door is always open to The Lord. It is His farm and they are His horses. We are just stewards of what He has entrusted to us. I have found freedom and rest in the arms of The Lord as He graciously spoke to me in the presence of these majestic horses. As a Minister of The Gospel I invite you to come find Him and find Rest as you learn to hear from Him in the presence of His horses.

What is Equine Assisted Therapy? 

Equine Assisted Therapy is proving to be one of the most beneficial therapies available today. It is a very unique form of therapy that helps the client to tell "their" story through the "horse".  In traditional "talk" therapy many clients learn how to manipulate the therapy in a way that allows them to not address the deep routed issues. Often it can take a very long time to get to the true source of their troubles. In addition clients can often be guarded or even defensive  just by the nature of having to go sit and talk to someone about their behavior or troubles. In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy the client does the whole session on the ground with one or more horses. The client is given "Relational Tasks" to engage in with the horse or horses. Horses are VERY authentic animals. They understand relationship and have an intuitive nature as to know when those around them are not operating in an authentic manner. In this form of therapy the client is "in the moment" and most often very unaware of the self destructive and manipulative behaviors they exhibit while working with the horses. These behaviors most often parallel the behaviors they exhibit in their daily lives. This is the key to this therapy! As a result of this "true representation" the horse(s) is able to "Reflect" back to the client who they truly are, revealing their strengths and their weaknesses. The horse(s) along with the counselor create an environment that motivates change and encourages authenticity. When these things take place the client often sees immediate results or the potential for quicker results and therefore begins to have hope that his or her relationship with him or herself and with others over time will grow to be more authentic and mutually beneficial.